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by Thomas E. and Betty Lou McBride (owners of The Old Jail Museum)
Soft cover, 60 pages. Tom McBride's new book - 2nd in a series on the Moly Maguires.                                                                  

May be signed & personalized if requested.

"Saturday, Dec 2, 1871, 6pm - On this dark, cold night several men talking Williamson's Store and others gathered for a drink in Sweeney's Bar would soon find themselves entwined in a murder mystery.  At approximately 7pm Morgan Powell left Williamson's Store alone... Powell walked about 20 yards when a shot rang out and he fell to the ground...
* Who killed Morgan Powell?
* Was Thomas Fisher involved in the murder?
* Should he have been executed on the gallows?
* Now you can learn the tragic, true story of the Molly Maguires!

This story takes place in Summit Hill, PA

A Molly Maguire Tragedy

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