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Ghost Tours 2024

September 21st 28th

October 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

Hear stories (in Small Groups) of actual experiences visitors have had in the jail

NOT a "haunted house"

Doors open at 6:00pm ~ Tours every 15 minutes ~ Last tour leaves at 9:00pm

Admission $15

( No Children Under 12)

Other Ghost Tour Information

For the  Ghost Tour...  

* All tickets sold AT THE DOOR.  No advanced tickets.  No online/phone sales.             Just come wait in line.  

*When we are sold out, we will not allow anymore to join the line...  (the last tour will leave at 9pm) so please don't wait to come get in line. 

* Restrooms only available after your tour, so please try to plan ahead

* Cameras & Cell Phone Cameras Only

* No Ghost Hunting Equipment Permitted

* No Parking in our small lot during Ghost Tours

* No on-street Parking.

* Parking may be available in the Church lot 1/2 block up & ACROSS the street          from the jail with donation.

* Parking available at kiosks downtown or park in the County Lot behind the Train Station (off Rt 209) & it's a gradual uphill walk 5 blocks to the jail 

Yes... we have Ghosts! Friendly Ghosts, that is!

They usually make their presence known to people who are not looking for them:)

And.. sometimes they can make their presence known on regular daytime tours!
Ghosts don't only come out at night...

Will you be the lucky one to have a ghost find you?

Thank you for making our past Ghost Tours a Success
2024- October 26th Donation will go towards Carbon County Dog Shelter
2023 - No Ghost Tours
2022- $2,000 donated to the Jim Thorpe Police Dept
2021 -  $800 donated to the Jim Thorpe Police Dept​
2020 ~ $3,000 donated to Jim Thorpe Fire Dept 
2019 ~ $1,800 donated to Jim Thorpe Police 

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