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Evening of Creepy Tales


* July 27th


* 6pm - 8:30pm


* Interested in Creepy & Eerie?

* Come for an evening jail walk & listen to reports of the unexplained happenings

* Tour will be about 1/2 an hour

* This is not a haunted house but that's not saying you won't be startled


  * $15 (no children under 12)

     - cash appreciated (we pay a fee for every charge)

Parking Info?

  * Click HERE

  * Handicapped Parking only in our Lot

      - please call or email for parking reservation

          - after your tour, you must move from space



  * Door opens at 5:45

  * Sorry - no advanced or online sales

  * Tours leave every 15-20 min 

  * We will let small groups in at a time

  * No one will be turned away as long as you are in line by 8pm

  * Please email us to let us know you're interested




      - map click HERE


Jail dungeon ghosts.jpg
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