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128 West Broadway

Jim Thorpe, PA

Tour a 19th Century Jail 

See the mysteryous Handprint

CREEP into the eerie dungeon

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Welcome To The Old Jail Museum 

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 Looking forward to seeing you in Jail:)

Inside the Jail!
Great for All Ages!


As you enter the cellblock you are greeted by 27 cells. See how the past prisoners lived during their time served here. Toward the back of the cell block, is a replica of the gallows where

four " Molly Maguires" were hanged.

Peer into Cell #17 to see the handprint left by one of the Molly Maguires proclaiming his innocence before being hanged.

The Dungeon

Creep into our eerie dungeon!

Although it is dark there will be no surprises from us. (We cannot say the same about your friends and family.) There are 16 cells & you are more than welcome to venture into them. We also encourage you to take plenty of pictures during your stay.

PS... our Halloween figures are put away off season,

but sometimes they mysteriously move &

are seen in different locations. 


128 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229, USA

(570) 325-5259

The Old Jail Museum & Heritage Center, Inc

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