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Fascinating story of the jail and the prisoners. Learned so much about this town and the Molly McGuires.             Darlene B

Loved the tour of the Old Jail,

the stories of history & the

Molly Maquires & the hand print that doesn't go away. Intriguing!

Welcome to
Old Jail Museum!


                                    Wander the Old Jail's cold hallways.

                                  Peek in Cell 17 to get a glimpse of... 

                                the Mysterious Handprint on the Wall. 

                                Stand under the gallows...

                               on which seven of the accused

                               Molly Maguires were put to death! 

                                Creep into the eerie dungeon.

                                Don't forget to check out our book,

                               "Ghosts of the Molly Maguires?",

                             a collection of visitors' first-hand accounts of

                                 strange happenings in the Old Jail.

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128 West Broadway

Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

(570) 325-5259


Open Early Summer 2023

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                     Cell Block



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Limited spaces 

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The Old Jail             Museum



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