The Old Jail             Museum

2022 group tour info

* Groups of 20+ are welcome to make a special appointment for daytime tours of the Jail


     $ 12  -  Adult  (18+)

     $  10   - Teenager   (13-17)

     $  7   - Children 5-12  


* Maximum 50 guests in the Jail at one time

            * If you have more than 50 in your group, it is suggested that part of your group go to another attraction in town while the     other part of your group tours the jail and then rotate locations.

* Based on Availability:

        * groups must be Scheduled between 9am & 10:30am  - no exceptions

        * Groups must be out of the jail before we open to the public at noon 

* Parking / Bus  Information 

          * Sorry, we CANNOT accommodate groups who arrive by CHARTER / LARGE TOUR BUS 

                                    There is no legal space to load/unload passengers 

                                    We welcome these groups if they can arrive by walking from the Train Station 

                                    We will not schedule groups who plan to arrive to the jail by bus

          *  Our roads around Jim Thorpe were originally built for horse & buggy.  They are very winding and narrow.

           * Our very small lot up our driveway, alongside our building can accommodate cars. 

                      On a day when we are not open to the public, a  passenger van usually can fit. 

            * Parking on the street is by PERMIT ONLY.  The lot next to the jail is the for homeowner's only.

     * There is NO legal space for school bus drop off or parking in the vicinity of the jail, unless a section of on-street spaces are empty (which is highly unusual).  It is the sole responsibility of the driver & director to load & unload passengers in a safe & and legal spot.  The area in-front of the jail building is a yellow curb (no parking) & just beyond a blind curve where cars travel very fast.  No vehicle is permitted block our driveway, neighbor’s lot entrance or park in this lower lot. Recently, a bus unloading passangers on the street was ordered to move by the police because of being stopped on the street in a hazardous location. The parking lot on the street level next to the jail is NOT our property.  This area is owned by the Boro & spaces rented by homeowners therefore cannot be used. Also, buses traveling up Broadway past the jail have to travel quite a distance to find a large enough & safe place to turn around and head back to the train station.  Bus drivers not made aware of this have become very frustrated. The lot on West Broadway where buses used to turn around to head back in the direction of the train station has been sold & not usable.  The next place to turn around is not close.

     * It is highly suggested that a Bus / Oversized Vehicle park BEHIND THE TRAIN STATION in the (Carbon County Lot for a small fee) to load/unload passengers.  The jail is about a 5 block walk from the train station & the majority of visitors to the jail walk from this parking area. There are many shops along the way (toys, candy, ice cream, coffee, juice) for visitors to enjoy as they stroll to the jail.  Most guests can make the (gradual uphill) walk to the jail in about 15-20 minutes (unless they stop to shop). At at quick pace without stopping it takes about 5 minutes to walk, but most take a leisurely pace & it takes at least 15 minutes. This parking location is also an easy walk to the Asa Packer Mansion, St. Mark’s Church, Train Rides, and the Mauch Chunk Museum. All attractions are a couple block walk from each other, and many visitors enjoy visiting another attraction or two in addition to the jail.

* At no time should students/passengers be dropped off or picked up on the opposite side of the street from the jail.  
      It is very dangerous for groups to be crossing the street in this area.

* If a guest has trouble walking, there are maybe an Uber available.  

   We only have a couple Ubers in our small town, so advanced planning is suggested

  * There is a new trolley tour in town which your group might want to look into.  It provides a historical, narrated trolley tour; a continuous 1 hour loop Friday- Sunday weekly with unlimited re-boarding.  It may be available to book just for your group.

For more info on trolley

To Check for Availability & Schedule a Group Tour, please email us:

Payment: Cash / Check / Charge
* $25 deposit will secure your date
* ½ of Balance Due is due 5 weeks before your scheduled date
* Remaining Balance Due 7 days before your scheduled date.
* All tours must be paid in full before your scheduled date

Confirm Your Tour:

* Please fax or e-mail your acceptance/confirmation

* Your tour is placed on our tour calendar only when we receive your completed reservation form, we receive your deposit, & we email you the confirmation Cancellations / No Show:

* Guides are scheduled specifically for your group

* We will try to accommodate a new proposed date/time, but cannot guarantee availability.

* Cancellations must be made by email & are only finalized when we reply acknowledgement

* Group tour may cancel within 15 days of your reservation with no penalty

* A $25 late cancellation fee will be imposed for cancellations received less than 10 days before your scheduled date.

* Group cancellations with less than 48 hours notice: your group is responsible for ½ the cost of the scheduled tour

* If your group does not show up on your scheduled date(s) at the scheduled time(s), your group is responsible for the FULL amount.


* If less people show up than scheduled, & you have not emailed us at least 7 days before your scheduled tour, or we have not confirmed, you are responsible for paying for the original number scheduled.

NO REFUNDS Arrive on Time!

* Groups are responsible for arriving at your scheduled time

* Please carefully review helpful tips

* Please carefully review driving directions.

* We cannot extend the length of your guided tour because of late arrival

* If you are going to be late, please CALL (570) 325-5259

* Late groups are still responsible for paying the full amount. NO REFUNDS

* Groups later than 15 minutes will be scheduled at our earliest convenience & if there is available space around other groups, patron’s, & our staff availability

* If you are later than ½ hour & you have not called us & we have not confirmed other arrangements for your group, the guides scheduled for your tour will be sent home & if we have no other tours scheduled, the jail will be locked. 

Helpful Tips:

If your group has more than 50 people, we suggest you also schedule to visit the Asa Packer Mansion, The Mauch Chunk Museum, and/or St Mark's Church. Divide you guests into groups. One group may visit The Old Jail while the other group(s) visit(s) another attraction(s). Then the groups switch places.

If you also visit the Asa Packer Mansion or St. Mark's Church, allow approximately 30 minutes for visitors to move from there to the Old Jail. If you also visit the Mauch Chunk Museum, allow 15 minutes between attractions. The same time needs to be allowed whether coming on foot or by vehicle.

Buses may park for a fee at the main parking area behind the Railroad Station (Welcome Center) and walk to the Old Jail (allow a   30 minute walk). There are many eating places in town for either fast or relaxed lunches, and there are also picnic benches in the park in front of the Railroad Station which many groups use. For a sit-down meal with your group, please allow 1 ½ hour for your guests to eat and get to the jail.

The Old Jail Museum has ONE bathroom. It is advised that your guests use facilities before arriving. Public restrooms are available in the Train Station. If you have any questions, please give us a call or send an email. We look forward to meeting your group share our history and mystery! Thank you! 

See you in Jail :)    ​Click HERE for a printable form