Doors Open at 6pm ..Last tour leaves at 9pm

Tours every 20 minutes
Tour Length: about 25 minutes  

                                  Admission: $15  

           Please...  No Children under 12


* Hear stories (in Small Groups) of actual experiences visitors have had in the jail

* All tickets sold AT THE DOOR.  No advanced tickets.  No online/phone sales.  Just come wait in line.  Past tours guests started lining up at 4:30. When we are sold out, we will not allow anymore to join the line...  (the last tour will leave at 9pm) so please don't wait to come get in line. 

* Please wait quietly in line.  A past year a photo was taken of a ghost over the line but no one was paying attention to see it... just the neighbor across the street who snapped the picture.

* No Parking in our small lot during Ghost Tours

* NO on-street Parking. Parking may be available after 5pm in the Church lot ACROSS the street a bit up from the jail with Donation.

* Parking available at meters downtown or park in the County Lot behind the Train Station       (off Rt 209) & it's a gradual uphill walk              5 blocks to the jail 

* Restrooms only available after your tour,

             so please try to plan ahead

* Cameras & Cell Phone Cameras Only

* No Ghost Hunting Equipment Permitted

* Masks optional (If you are concerned about being around other people, it is advised that you NOT buy tickets) 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Private Ghost Hunts / Investigations
Yes, a fee is charge
Must be out of the building by 11pm
No one is permitted to stay in the building overnight

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Sorry, at this time, hunts or investigations are not being scheduled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

You don't have to be on a ghost tour for a Ghost to Find You:)

              So if you cannot make Ghost Tours...

            come on a daytime History Tour! 

The Old Jail             Museum

No condensation was noticeable

Nothing was in the mirror.

A hundred people sat in this room and saw nothing.

Until, the person who tool the picture went home. looked at her pictures on the computer, & 

saw writing in the mirror!

Thank you for making our past Ghost Tours a Success:

2022 - Benefit Jim Thorpe Police - Amount TBA

2020 -  $800 donated to the Jim Thorpe Police Dept! ​

2019 Benefited Jim Thorpe Fire Dept $3,000 Donated!

2018 Benefited Jim Thorpe Police $1,800 Donated!

Yes... we have Ghosts! Friendly Ghosts, that is!

They usually make their presence known to people who are not looking for them:)

And.. sometimes they can make their presence known on regular daytime tours!

Will you be the lucky one to have a ghost find you?

  * Note - We DO NOT rent the jail for private investigations *


As of this time, we will NOT be having Ghost Tours 

due to the difficulty finding reliable staff.


Friday night 10/2

as of 10am 10/20 - only 5 tickets left!

QUIETLY explore the cellblock,

                   dungeon & yard (weather permitting)

for 1/2 hour in a small group of about 20.

Then have time in warden's quarters & kitchen.

Have your picture taken "behind the bars"

​Cost $35 per person cash only.  Time: 7pm 

Adults 18+ only ~ NO CHILDREN or PETS!

If you don't like the dark & scare easily - don't come! 

Advanced Reservations only

Please email to make reservations.

(No admittance to anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol)

No parking in our lot - parking available 5 walkable blocks behind 

the Train Station (off Rt. 209) & maybe at the church lot across the street.

Handicapped - call for parking spot availability

*Note - we reserve the right to cancel due to unforseen emergency or illness* 

This is the last after dark tour of the season!

Thank you!

GHOST t-shirt  

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GHOST t-shirt  

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