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We're located in historic downtown Jim Thorpe, PA.

You may either park at a meter or park in the County Lot & walk to to the jail.  We are 5 blocks from the Train Station & Court House (with the clock).  

There is a County Parking Lot behind the train station (off Rt 209)           5 walkable blocks away. Note: If you approach the County Parking lot from Rt 903, on weekends you will not be able to turn left into the lot.  Make the first right then turn left at the light to get to the lot.  

We do have a SMALL parking lot reserved for Handicapped / Disabled plates or tag holders.  Our small lot is located up the driveway of the jail. Do NOT park in our neighbor's lower lot or you will be ticketed & towed!

Our lot will not accommodate extra large vehicles, campers, extended pick-ups, or vehicles with trailers / large bike racks. Sorry, no parking on the street as this is by permit only & you will get a $50 ticket.  The lot on the street level is NOT for jail use. It is home-owner parking only & you will be towed if you park there. If you do not have a handicapped tag, but cannot walk to the jail due to a physical condition, please park in our lot & advise staff as soon as you arrive.  Please move your vehicle out of our lot immediately after your tour.  (Violators. will be towed at vehicle owner's expense)

Here's a map, but if you get lost,

              just give us a call and we'll tell you how to get to jail. 

Tom & Betty mCBride


Old Jail Museum

128 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe PA 18229 US