Closed for Winter.

Re-Open  Summer 2021

Thank you to everyone who toured the jail this year

& helped us overcome all of 2020s challenges.

We will post our 2021 Schedule sometime in early May.

Please check back again.

We hope to see you in Jail:) 

Note: The Jail is Closed each year from November until the end of May.
The whole building is secured for the winter weather.  The water is turned off & pipes drained so there is no possibility of a frozen pipes. The many window coverings and cell door have insulated covers.  The winter temperature is kept at about 40° (a damp and cold temperature).

Why don't we turn on the heat and have winter tours?  It would cost us about $250/DAY to heat the Jail to 65°

         Daytime Tours

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GHOST Tour Info

Ghost Tour Info