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Note: The Jail is Closed each year from November until the end of May.
The whole building is secured for the winter weather.  The water is turned off & pipes drained so there is no possibility of a frozen pipes. The many window coverings and cell door have insulated covers.  The winter temperature is kept at about 40° (a damp and cold temperature).

Why don't we turn on the heat and have winter tours?  It would cost us about $250/DAY to heat the Jail to 65°

         Daytime Tours

Closed for Winter.

Re-Open  Summer 2021

Thank you to everyone who toured the jail this year

& helped us overcome all of 2020s challenges.

We will post our 2021 Schedule sometime in early May.

Due to reasons below, we may have to post our tour schedules on a week to week basis.

There are some major restoration projects that we need to accomplish in 2021.  We are still awaiting contractor's scheduling. For the safety of our guests, we will not be able to be open during these projects.  Since one is an out-door project, scheduling will highly depend on the weather. 

For the past 25 years, we have hired mainly high-school students as guides for our May - October season. A huge factor in our re-opening schedule is the proposed $15/hr minimum wage.  To give our guests the best tour possible, we have 4-6 staff scheduled each working 5-6 hours/day. If minimum wage does increase, this will mean our payroll will be a minimum of $350 - $540/day (plus taxes & with higher pay now our workman's comp insurance will increase). So either we will have to re-think how we offer tours and hire less staff or raise admission prices.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate through these unforeseen challenges. Please check back again.

We hope to see you in Jail:) 

Ghost Tour Info