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      Tour Date Request Form

* Groups of 20+ are welcome to make a special appointment for daytime tours of the Jail


* Maximum 50 guests in the Jail at one time

            * If you have more than 50 in your group, it is suggested that part of your group go to another attraction in town while the     other part of your group tours the jail and then rotate locations.

* Based on Availability:

        * May through August must be Scheduled between 9am & 10:45am 

                            * Groups must be out of the jail before we open to the public at noon

        * September & October scheduled 9am - 5pm (excluding Weekends)

* Parking / Bus  Information
          *  Our roads around Jim Thorpe were originally built for horse & buggy.  They are very winding and narrow.

         * Our very small lot up our driveway, alongside our building can accommodate cars. 

            On a day when we are not open to the public, a  passenger van usually can fit.

         * There is NO legal space for bus drop off or parking in the vicinity of the jail, unless a section of on-street spaces are empty (which is highly unusual).  It is the sole responsibility of the driver & your tour director to load & unload passengers in a safe & and legal spot.  The area in-front of the jail building is a yellow curb (no parking) and just beyond a blind curve where cars travel very fast.  No vehicle is permitted block our neighbor’s lot entrance. Recently, a bus was ordered to move by the police because of being stopped in a hazardous location.

     * It is highly suggested that a Bus / Oversized Vehicle park BEHIND THE TRAIN STATION in the (Carbon County Lot for a small fee) to load/unload passengers.  The jail is about a 5 block walk from the train station & the majority of visitors to the jail walk from this parking area. There are many shops along the way (toys, candy, ice cream, coffee, juice) for visitors to enjoy as they stroll to the jail.  Most guests can make the (gradual uphill) walk to the jail in about 15-20 minutes (unless they stop to shop). This parking location is also an easy walk to the Asa Packer Mansion, St. Mark’s Church, Train Rides, and the Mauch Chunk Museum. All attractions are a couple block walk from each other, and many visitors enjoy visiting another attraction or two in addition to the jail.

* At no time should passengers be dropped off or picked up on the opposite side of the street from the jail.  
      It is very dangerous for groups to be crossing the street in this area.

* If a guest has trouble walking, there are maybe an Uber available. 

   We only have a couple Ubers in our small town, so advanced planning is suggested.

To Check for Availability & Schedule a Group Tour, please email us:

See you in Jail :) 


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