Orb up Close

Yes... we have Ghosts! Friendly Ghosts, that is!

They usually make their presence known to people who are not looking for them:)

No condensation was noticeable

Nothing was in the mirror.

A hundred people sat in this room and saw nothing.

Until, the person who tool the picture went home. looked at her pictures on the computer, & 

saw writing in the mirror!

The Old Jail             Museum

Ghost Tours 2016

Thanks to everyone who came on our ghost tours.  Please check back for future dates.

The Jim Thorpe Rotary does Ghost Walks around downtown Jim Thorpe

through December 2016.  

Here is their info:

Limited Parking... There is NO parking in our small lot for Ghost Tours. it is highly suggested that you park in the lot behind the Train Station and walk the four blocks. Thank you!