Orb up Close

Yes... we have Ghosts! Friendly Ghosts, that is!

They usually make their presence known to people who are not looking for them:)

No condensation was noticeable

Nothing was in the mirror.

A hundred people sat in this room and saw nothing.

Until, the person who tool the picture went home. looked at her pictures on the computer, & 

saw writing in the mirror!

Ghost Tours 2016

First Three Saturday Nights in October: 

Oct 1, Oct 8, Oct 15
6:15 pm to last tour at 9:00.
$10 adults / $7 - high school students
Sorry, No children under 12

...because it is dark, it is scary, & it is real!

We do not want to be responsible for nightmares

This is not Not a haunted house.

No human will jump out at you, but...

we have REAL ghosts!

Bring your camera:)

No advanced tickets sold.

The Old Jail             Museum